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Purchase your dream home with complete peace of mind.

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About Us: Why choose Total Snagging Solutions

Total Snagging Solutions Ltd was founded  in March 2023  by James Stride after 18 years working for a Leading National house builder. James holds a Level 6 Diploma in Construction Site Management - Building and Civil Engineering, as well as being a Technical Member of the RPSA, and a qualified drone pilot with CAA.

At Total Snagging Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a first class New Home survey. Buying a new home is an exciting but often stressful period of your life, often, customers purchase a New Build Home to avoid the expensive renovations and repairs of older homes. Whilst New Build Homes are built to NHBC standards, we are aware that not all trades have pride in their workmanship. Many New Builds are built on a strict timeline and trades are encouraged to work quickly often to the detriment of quality.  Don't worry - Total Snagging Solutions are here to help!!

18 years of experience.

Level 6 Diploma in Construction Site Management - Building and Civil Engineering.

 Technical Member of the RPSA.

Qualified drone pilot with CAA.


​​Pre completion survey 

A Pre-Completion Survey follows a basic checklist designed by the NHQB (New Homes Quality Board)  identifying if areas of the property are in line with the quality code. This survey is suitable for pre completion only. 

Post Completion survey

Our post completion survey is our recommended product. This is a more thorough and in depth inspection of your property based on NHBC standards and building regulations along with our knowledge and experience of where trades may cut corners.  This inspection can include the use of drones, thermal image cameras and borescopes.

This survey can be purchased up to 2 years after the legal completion on the property, however we would recommended to undertake this survey up to two weeks after legal completion to avoid discrepancies regarding damages. 

Developers and Contractors

 As a developer it is essential that the property you handover is of excellent quality, Total Snagging Solutions can help. We offer a snagging service for developers who need that additional help and guidance to improve the quality of their finished product.


Landlords and Letting Agents

Total Snagging Solutions can provide a thorough visual inspection of a property prior and post rental.

We offer a wide variety of services and will be happy to discuss the best option that suits your needs. An example of our services is as follows:


What do we check?

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  • Check below DPC brickwork

  • Inspect Airbricks

  • Visual drain check

  • Inspect driveway and garden

  • Inspect slabbing and patio areas

  • Assess overall ground levels

  • Inspect Aco drainage


  • Check gutters and downpipe connections

  • Check sanitary for leaks and damages

  • Test toilets and wastepipes for signs of blockages

  • Check heating zones and radiators

  • Check domestic hot water

External Works

  • Check bricks and mortar against NHBC standards

  • Inspect cavity trays and WEEP vents

  • Inspect cills

  • Inspect mastic seals

  • Visual / drone inspection of roof and gutters



  • Inspect fans and ventilation

  • Socket polarity check 

  • Inspect loft connections

  • Sabre Smoke can alarm check

  • Alignment of socket and switches


  • Inspect roofing timbers

  • Check all external and internal doors plus ironmongery​

  • Inspect staircase and upper timber floors

  • Inspect kitchen

  • Check fire door compliance


  • Loft inspection

  • Garage inspection

  • Mastic applications

  • Glass checks

  • General levels and tolerances

  • Thermal image survey

  • Drone survey

  • Moisture meter

What do we check?


5 bedroom plus? 
Price available on request.


Client Testimonials

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​​What exactly is snagging?

Snagging is a careful, detailed check of your newly built house or apartment to identify defects in the build. A snagging inspection can:

  • Identify sub par workmanship.

  • Identify work which hasn’t been completed to the specification agreed.​

  • Identify work which breaches building regulations or other laws.

Who needs a snagging survey or inspection?

Anyone buying a brand new house or flat should consider a snagging inspection. 

I have bought a new build - do I need a snagging survey?

Yes. Unfortunately not all properties are built to the same standard.  Developers rely on skilled trades people to build their houses and the standard varies from house to house. No new build is built exactly the same - no matter how much they look the same. A snagging survey gives you peace of mind that an independent professional has surveyed your home for defects and potential issues. 

What do I get in a survey?

Total Snagging Solutions offer a range of services including a through inspection, thermal  imaging and drone surveys. We provide a visual inspection of internal and external works carried out in your new home as well as our expert opinion on your new build home. You will receive a pdf report within 48 hours of our visit.   We are always happy to have a follow up conversation if any items require clarification and provide support up to two years after our initial visit.

When should I book Total Snagging Solutions?

A pre completion survey should be booked 2 weeks before completion. A post completion survey can be booked up to 2 years after completion, however we would always recommend that you book a post completion survey within the first two weeks of receiving your keys. 

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